N2K CFB Pick ‘Em – Week 7

For most teams, we’re past the halfway mark in the season, and the playoffs loom closer. We’re looking at teams, such as Houston and Stanford, beginning to spiral out of contention. Last week, our writers’ records looked like this:

Tyler:  8-5 (84-17)  Gabe:  8-5 (99-26)  Sean: 10-3 (100-25)  TJ:  N/A (82-30)  Will: 8-5 (95-30) Mikey:  8-5 (95-30)   Kevin:  9-4 (60-19)

Yay Sean for being the first writer to pick 100 games correctly. Yay Gabe for being the only writer to nail both bonus games. Boo Tyler, for being a Notre Dame fan. Let’s get started:

Bye: #4 Michigan, #5 Washington, #6 Texas A&M, #23 Auburn, Boston College (not ranked)

Postponed: #25 Navy



Duke v. #7 Louisville

Tyler: Louisville had themselves a nice little bye week to collect themselves before the stretch run. It’s an uphill climb, but with an impressive enough finish to the year, making the College Football Playoff is not out of the question. Expect a big win. Cardinals by 30.

Gabe: Louisville by 23.

Sean: Louisville will be well rested and fired up following a crushing loss to Clemson two weeks ago. Lamar Jackson is still the Heisman favorite in my opinion, and he’ll likely have his Cardinals flying high over the Blue Devils in this one. Louisville by 31.

TJ: Lamar Jackson has been playing pretty well I’d say. Duke is going to be lost in this one as the Cardinals will have permanent reservations in the endzone. Louisville by 38.

Will: Louisville is coming off a bye week, so they’ve had plenty of time to think about that devastating loss to Clemson. They now begin a long stretch of ACC games and don’t face a ranked team till November 17 when they play Houston. I expect Lamar Jackson and Louisville to breeze through these games, starting with Duke on Friday. Louisville by 20.

Mikey: Weak opponents = big victories for Louisville. Cards by 35.

Kevin: After having the week off, Lamar Jackson is going to be putting up video game numbers again against a far less talented Duke game. This should be an easy win for the Cardinals as they try to work their way back into the playoffs. Louisville by 28.



Kansas State v. #19 Oklahoma

Tyler: I never thought Oklahoma should’ve been ranked #3 at the beginning of the year, though I think they have the talent of a top-10 team. All of the sudden, they’re coming back around. I truly believe that the Sooners think they still have a shot at the playoff (they don’t IMO), but that motivation goes a long way. Especially against a lesser opponent who has lost to Stanford and West Virginia this season, two teams who are closer to OU in terms of talent. Sooners by 17.

Gabe: Sooners by 17.

Sean: Don’t look now, but Oklahoma is on fire, but the Wildcats should present a tough challenge for the Sooners. Kansas State only allows 80 yards per game on the ground, and Oklahoma loves to run the ball with Semaje Perine and Joe Mixon. I just wish I knew someone on the Kansas State team so I could give them a chance, but I do think the Wildcats keep this one close. Sooners by 8.

TJ: Baker Mayfield, Samaje Perine and the rest of the Sooner offense will be way too much for the Kansas State defense to handle and for the KSU offense to keep up with. Sooners by 12.

Will: Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma grinded out a win last week against Texas. They’ve done a great job rebounding from some tough losses and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere. K-State is no team to sleep on, so I think it could be a close one. Ultimately, Oklahoma doesn’t look like they are going anywhere. Oklahoma by 7.

Mikey: Same record, same conference, two very different teams. This should be a blowout. Sooners by 42.

Kevin: Oklahoma has had a tough season so far, and I’m feeling an upset for them so it might just get worse. Give my Kansas State by 3.

#20 West Virginia v. Texas Tech

Tyler: I like Mountaineers football. I’m not a fan, per say, but I like when they’re ranked. WVU is typically a good team on the road, even against a high-flying offense like Texas Tech. WVU has a top-20 offense in the country, while only giving up about 220 yards per game. On paper, that spells trouble for Patrick Mahomes II, and a Red Raiders defense that has given up over 35 points three times. West Virginia, Mountain Mama by 14.

Gabe: Texas Tech by 3.

Sean: The Mountaineers are coming off a hard fought win over Kansas State two weeks ago, but have yet to play anyone of notice. Texas Tech lost a shootout to K-State last week, and also have not played anyone impressive. This game projects to be one of the closest of the weekend, with the Red Raiders only being favored by 2. Texas Tech refuses to run the ball, and in the BIG 12 that isn’t a bad thing. Both teams go over 50 in this one. Red Raiders by 5.

TJ: Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes II has 20 passing touchdowns and wide receiver Jonathan Giles has accounted for 7 of those scores. West Virginia is going to have to rely on their ground game for this one but I believe that the duo of Mahomes and Giles for the Red Raiders will be too much for the Mountaineers. Texas Tech by 2.

Will: If Texas Tech had something that resembled a decent defense, then I would give them a better shot in this game. West Virginia is going to overpower them on both sides of the ball. West Virginia by 14.

Mikey: The Mountaineers are undefeated and playing with momentum, but against an in-conference opponent on the road, I’ll give them a small margin of victory. WVU by 10.

Kevin: West Virginia hasn’t looked that impressive in their wins and the defense isn’t that talented. Texas Tech has a high powered offense that puts up points every week and that could and should be enough for them to get a good win this year. Texas Tech by 7.

North Carolina State v. #3 Clemson

Tyler: NC State beat my Irish last week in the middle of a hurricane by taking care of the ball (as best as they could, anyways). They have a small margin for error against Clemson, who’s a far, far, far superior opponent. If they were home for this one, I’d give them a shot. But, they’re in Death Valley, a top-3 hardest venue to play in college football in my opinion. Tigers by 20.

Gabe: Clemson by 10.

Sean: This is a serious trap game for Clemson, as they play Florida Sate next weekend. NC State’s only loss has come to East Carolina over a month ago, but a win over a Notre Dame team that looks beyond lost doesn’t prove anything for the Wolfpack. Meanwhile, Clemson just walked through a good BC defense as if they weren’t even there. DeShaun Watson has his name back in the Heisman conversation, and a big day against NC State could put him in the lead. Tigers by 30.

TJ: NC State thinks that they should be ranked, this is an opportunity to prove that. The Clemson Tigers have been looking strong but I think this one ends up a lot closer than most originally thought it would be. Clemson by 6.

Will: NC State has put together a good season so far, winning the slip n’ slide matchup against Notre Dame last week. Yet, they haven’t faced any one at the caliber of Clemson and that is going to hurt them. Clemson is just too good all around. Clemson by 17.

Mikey: While NC State is coming off of a nice win against Notre Dame, this Clemson team is much more talented on both sides of the ball. Plus, there probably won’t be a hurricane to help out the Wolfpack. Clemson by 21.

Kevin: Clemson had a slow start to the season but DeShaun Watson and the rest of the team looks ready to compete for a national championship. This is bad news for NC State coming off a win against Notre Dame. They won’t be playing in extreme weather and NC State doesn’t have the secondary to stop Clemson’s passing attack. Tigers by 18.

 #1 Alabama v. #9 Tennessee

Tyler: I’m still a big proponent that Tennessee is overrated, but they really gave Texas A&M a great game last week. However, ‘Bama is just that good this year. I think the Tide will roll all over Josh Dobbs. ‘Bama by 17.

Gabe: Tennessee by 3.

Sean: Tennessee almost pulled out another crazy W last weekend at Texas A&M in a game that went into double-overtime, while Alabama fought off a tough Arkansas team. Tennessee is seriously lucky to be ranked in the top 10 when they could easily be 1-5. Ole Miss challenged ‘Bama earlier this year, but it’s been smooth sailing since. Crimson Tide by 15.

TJ: The Vols will get off to yet another slow start but the Crimson Tide isn’t a team that you can come back on. Tennessee will need to score early and often in order to keep up with Alabama, I say that the Vols keep it closer than most expect behind a home crowd. For Tennessee, this is a game they circled the second they got their schedules, everybody wants to take down the kings. After a disappointing loss last week, the Vols will be a team possessed. Vols by 3.

Will: Still can’t believe Tennessee came back against Texas A&M last week. For how close it was at the end, Texas A&M dominated most of the game. Alabama is not the type of team to let go of a lead like that. Alabama will get up early and Tennessee will have no chance of making a miraculous comeback. Alabama by 20.

Mikey: While Alabama is coming off a dominant win over Arkansas, UT is coming off a tough loss to Texas A&M. I like the Tide’s momentum coming in, and they are better than UT at every position on the field, as well as in coaching. While the Vols have home-field, the Tide should roll to a 7-0 record. Tide by 14.

Kevin: The Volunteers have been involved in extremely close games throughout this year, and they seem to play at the level of their opponent, but this week should be different. Alabama has at least four players on their defense that will be gone after the first two rounds of the NFL draft. They should stop Tennessee, like they have to every other opponent this year. Crimson Tide by 17.

#10 Nebraska v. Indiana

Tyler: Nebraska is a pretty solid team, but going away to Indiana is no easy task. Both teams have excellent defenses, and I expect a rather low scoring affair. So, whenever I deal with a toss-up, I go with the better quarterback. That’s Tommy Armstrong Jr. Huskers by 3.

Gabe: Nebraska by 2.

Sean: The Cornhuskers are 5-0 but have yet to face any top competition, but wins over Illinois and Oregon are quality wins at the very least. Indiana is a tough team and beat Michigan State the last time they played at home. The Hoosiers are also the only team to hold Ohio State under 40 points all season long. I really like Tommy Armstrong and Jordan Westerkamp, but I think the Hoosiers can pull this one out. Indiana by 3.

TJ: I think that Indiana is one of the most underrated teams in the NCAA and that Nebraska is one of the most overrated. The Hoosiers have themselves a critical home game and I think that I am going to give them the upset. Indiana by 3.

Will: Similar to Baylor, Nebraska doesn’t have an impressing win on their resume. Their best win came against a ranked Oregon, whom we now know should never have been ranked in the first place. Indiana is not a team to sleep on, and with them being at home makes me inclined to pick the upset. Unlike Nebraska, they have a quality win on their resume, beating Michigan State. Indiana is capable, it’ll all rest on the defense’s shoulders on whether they can stop Nebraska’s offense. Indiana by 6.

Mikey: Same reason as WVU over TTU, except Indy has a worse record than TTU and the Cornhuskers are better than the Mountaineers. Nebraska by 14.

Kevin: The Hoosiers have been inconsistent this year, but Nebraska hasn’t exactly looked unstoppable. They’ve gotten lazy at times and let leads slip late in games, so If Indiana can keep it close through three, they have a good chance at pulling off the upset. Indiana by 7.

Wake Forest v. #14 Florida State

Tyler: Wake Forest has played two good teams this year – they beat Indiana on the road this year, then lost to NC State on the road. They travel again, this time to Tallahassee. This road environment is not like the others. Seminoles by 17.

Gabe: FSU by 3.

Sean: Florida State got lucky last week against Miami, and now return home for a Wake Forest team that is 5-1, but who’s signature win is over Duke. The Demon Deacons have a stingy defense, but an offense that is underwhelming, especially for college football standards. Seminoles by 19.
TJ: Deondre Francois and Dalvin Cook will be far too much for Wake Forest to handle. Seminoles by 21.

Will: Wake Forest with a sneaky 5-1 season so far. While they have been competitive this year, FSU has seen it all. Starting off the year with a win against Ole Miss, getting demolished by Louisville, suffering a tight loss to UNC, and then barely winning against Miami last week. They have been one of the most tested teams in the country, and because of that they win this one against Wake Forest. FSU by 14.

Mikey: Somehow, Wake Forest has a 5-1 record in football. It shouldn’t take FSU long to change that. FSU by 24.

Kevin: The Seminoles are down another safety this week but they played Miami well last week and should perform better than they have this year especially against a lesser opponent. Florida State by 14.

Kansas v. #11 Baylor

Tyler: Kansas almost beat TCU. Almost. Their only win on the season is against URI. That’s all I got to say on this one. Baylor by several, several touchdowns.

Gabe: Baylor by 27.

Sean: Kansas almost won a football game last week against TCU. As the old saying goes “progress is progress”. Unfortunately for them, Baylor doesn’t care about last week and is 10x better than TCU. Baylor by 49.

TJ: Aw. Baylor by 63.

Will: Kansas has been historically bad, and Baylor has been the polar opposite. Baylor hasn’t faced much competition this season and has a lot to do with their 5-0 start. Kansas will make it 6-0, but once they face an actual opponent (maybe Texas next week?), Baylor will truly be put to the test. Baylor by 30.

Mikey: This would be a great basketball game, but it’s an atrocious football game. Baylor by 49.

Kevin: Kansas is one of the worst college football teams over the past five years but they’re wearing some nice new uniforms this weekend So at least both teams will look good. Baylor by 35.

 North Carolina v. #16 Miami (FL)

Tyler: UNC is such a weird team. They beat FSU, they play well against Georgia, then they embarrass themselves against Virginia Tech. Going away to the U is never easy, but I’m also thinking of outside circumstances. After Hurricane Matthew, I definitely feel like there is a sense of motivation. I also think the ‘Canes are pissed off because of how they went down against the Seminoles. The Tar Heels are reeling, and The U is angry. Miami by 24.

Gabe: UNC by 12.

Sean: A questionable targeting call on a key third down and a block extra point put any hopes that Miami had of going unbeaten down the drain. There is still the outside chance that they can make a run for the College Football Playoff, but they’ll need to win out. North Carolina didn’t show up last weekend against Virginia Tech and now finds themselves on the outside of the top 25 looking in. Brad Kaaya may be dinged up with a shoulder injury, but Mark Walton and Joseph Yearby have been spectacular all year. ‘Canes by 17.

TJ: The Hurricanes against the Tar Heels here in Miami. Both of these teams had high hopes within the ACC and for UNC this is a make or break game for their season. For Miami, this is a game they shouldn’t lose but if they do it will shoot down their playoff hopes. I don’t think the Tar Heels will walk into Miami and then walk out with a W. Hurricanes by 7.

Will: UNC fell hard last week to V-Tech after beating FSU just the week before. It was the type of loss to leave you with little confidence in them for the future of the season. Miami on the other hand was oh so close to merely tying the game up and going to overtime, making me feel they are hungry to prove their top 10 ranking from a week ago. Miami by 10

Mikey: UNC has a knack for playing spoiler, but coming off a brutal loss to the Seminoles, Miami is going to be very hungry to get back on track. The U by 3.

Kevin: Both teams are coming off tough losses and this is one of the better QB matchups of the year. Brad Kaaya is the superior talent, but Mitch Trubisky is very skilled as well. This game will come down to which signal caller makes less mistakes, and Kaaya has the experience and IQ to lead the Hurricanes to a win. The U by 11.

 #24 Western Michigan v. Akron

Tyler: LeBron James is from Akron. I hate LeBron James. Western Michigan by 14.

Gabe: (Never thought I’d be picking this game) Broncos by 17.

Sean: I know nothing about the players at either of these schools, but just looking at the numbers, Western Michigan quarterback Zach Terrell has thrown 15 touchdowns and zero interceptions. That’s more than good enough for me.  Broncos over the Zips by 23.

TJ: Some high quality MACtion here. I really don’t know anything about either of these two teams. Western Michigan has looked pretty strong so far though and find themselves ranked. Now that they’ve tasted the Top 25 Poll and the N2K Pick’em I don’t see them giving it up. Western Michigan by 10.

Will: Not even LeBron could stop Western Michigan in their undefeated streak to start the season. Western Michigan by 14.

Mikey: LeBron’s from Akron, so I want them to lose. WMU by 24.

Kevin: It’s a wrap for Akron. Western Michigan by 17. 

#17 Virginia Tech v. Syracuse

Tyler: Virginia Tech is a good football team, while Syracuse really isn’t. Hokies by 17.

Gabe: Virginia Tech by 10.

Sean: Looks like everyone was wrong about Virginia Tech after Frank Beamer left. The Hokies are 4-1 and are coming off a very impressive win over North Carolina. Wide receiver Amba Etta-Tawo is a star on a poor Syracuse team that lost four out of five. Tech’s defense is among the best in the nation, and they’ll be relied on to get out of the Carrier Dome with a win. Hokies by 24.

TJ: Syracuse wasn’t able to beat Notre Dame, a feat that it seems every other school has done this season. Virginia Tech should be in for a cakewalk. Hokies by 22.

Will: Virginia Tech is honestly coming out of nowhere. After only winning three of their first four games and not really having an impressive win, they crush UNC 34-3. They are being overshadowed by the Louisville’s and Clemson’s of the ACC, but they are putting themselves into the conversation with their recent play. Virginia Tech by 14.

Mikey: Frank Beamer is gone, but VT is back to relevancy, and should be 5-2 by week’s end. VT by 27.

Kevin: Virginia Tech has looked great this year and Syracuse is one of the worst ACC teams there is so, it won’t be much of a game. Virginia Tech by 24. 

Missouri v. #18 Florida

Tyler: D’oh Missouri. Gators by 22.

Gabe: Florida by 20

Sean: After missing Luke Del Rio for a few weeks, the starting QB returns against Missouri. Florida has the best defense in the country and could have as many as five defensive players taken in the first round. Missouri loves to pass the ball, and Florida only allows 138 yards per game through the air. If Florida’s offense was slightly better, they would be unbeaten. No matter though, Gators win by 27 in The Swamp.

TJ: The Gators were able to defeat UMass somehow so Missouri should be no problem. Florida Gators by 20.

Will: Missouri hasn’t shown too much this season, making it an easy matchup even for a battered Florida team. Hopefully they are able to play and not held back by weather issues again. Florida by 14.

Mikey: This Gator defense is frighteningly good, and I can’t see them losing at home to an inferior opponent. UF by 20.

Kevin: Florida has one of the top defenses this year and their offense has looked better than normal. Mizzou doesn’t stand much of a chance against them. Florida by 14. 

#21 Utah v. Oregon State

Tyler: Utah typically loses a really bad game at least once per season, but I don’t think this will be it. The Beavers are THAT bad. Utes by 20.

Gabe: Utes by 16.

Sean: Again, something about Utah makes me not like them. I still have no clue why. Either way, the Beavers aren’t a good football team, and Utah shouldn’t have a problem this weekend. Utes by 15.

TJ: Oregon State has some flashy uniforms but not much else. Utah definitely has the ability to let winnable games slip away. I think this matchup will be much closer than expected. Utah by 9.

Will: Utah is dragging themselves into this game due to some injuries. What makes this game interesting is the only loss that Utah has was against Cal, but Cal was beat by Oregon State last week. Doesn’t mean Oregon State will win this game, Utah is more than likely to still dominate this game. Utah by 14.

Mikey: Simply put, Utah is just a better all-around team than this OSU. Utah by 11.

Kevin: Oregon State has been all over the place with their performances and that will spell trouble for them against Utah. I have faith in the Utes pulling this one out and moving to 6-1. Utah by 10. 

#12 Ole Miss v. #22 Arkansas

Tyler: I’m pretty curious how Chad Kelly will play in this game – his Rebels lost at home last year in an overtime thriller against Arkansas. Since then, the Razorbacks really haven’t looked back outside of last week’s loss to Alabama. Plus, he’s made himself a distraction (yet again) after trying to square up with some high school kids back home in Buffalo. I like Arkansas to rebound against the Rebels, who always seem to end their season with 3-4 losses. Razorbacks by 3.

Gabe: Arkansas by 7.

Sean: Chad Kelly (swag) has had a pretty tumultuous week after running onto the field at his brother’s high school game after he got hit late. This time, Chad Kelly (swag) will be the one taking the hits against a tough Arkansas defense in Fayetteville. All those factors would seem to be a disadvantage to Kelly, but he plays his best when the lights are brightest. The Rebels need this win to stay alive for the SEC Championship Game, and I think Chad Kelly (swag) has the stuff to do it. Rebels by 14.

TJ: This game is a very even matchup, Arkansas has upsets under their belt and they’re ready to add another one. I think Ole Miss gets out to a hot start but lose the game in the second half. Razorbacks by 7.

Will: Arkansas once again proves their ineptitude against SEC opponents. Granted, they lost to Alabama, but not much is going to change when they play Ole Miss this week. Unless Chad Kelly decided to fight some high schoolers on Friday night, Ole Miss is going to beat Arkansas on the road to continue their climb in the SEC.

Mikey: Brutal stretch for the Razorbacks; after A&M and the Tide, now they get the Rebels? Unless Chad Kelly joins fight club again, I don’t see Ole Miss losing this one. Ole Miss by 13.

Kevin: Chad Kelly (swag) is gonna be tossing touchdowns like he was high schoolers last Friday night. Ole Miss has yet to play a bad game this year; they’ve just made some late game mistakes. But even if they do this week, the Rebels should have enough cushion to make up for it. Ole Miss by 20. 

Tulsa v. #13 Houston

Tyler: Houston made an oops last time out against Navy, a team that is much more solid than people gave it credit for. While Houston won’t be in the playoff and isn’t as good as many thought after the first couple of weeks, they do have a lot of talent. Give me the Cougars by 24.

Gabe: Houston by 6.

Sean: Houston is toast when it comes to hopes of getting into the College Football Playoff. Not even a win over Louisville in a month will change that. I still don’t really know how they lost to Navy, but they did, which makes me sad. Tulsa is a solid team for the AAC, but you have to figure the Cougars will play with a chip on their shoulder for the rest of the year. Houston by 29.

TJ: Houston was shocked by Navy last weekend in a game where most people didn’t give Navy any sort of chance. The Cougars are looking to rebound big time and expect Greg Ward to have a career day. Houston by 26.

Will: Houston has literally no shot at the College Playoff now, but they shouldn’t give up on reaching a BCS bowl game. Tulsa should be a nice pick me up game. Houston by 30.

Mikey: I really wanted Houston in the playoff, and they had to go ahead and screw that up last week. Well, at least they get to beat up on Tulsa now. Houston by 28.

Kevin: After a tough loss to Navy last week, Houston should get back in the win column against Tulsa. Houston is deeper and has more talent which should be enough to get them to an easy win this week. Cougars by 21. 

#2 Ohio State v. #8 Wisconsin

Tyler: A road game against a Big 10 rival with a great defense proves to be a big test for this young Buckeye team. However, freshman Alex Hornibrook really struggled against a big time matchup on the road against Michigan. I don’t think the kid has a good throwing motion and I don’t think the Badger offense will be able to keep up with OSU’s juggernaut. Bucks by 14.

Gabe: Ohio State by 7.

Sean: Wisconsin’s defense looks good at first glance, but they haven’t faced an offense like this Buckeyes team. JT Barrett is firmly in the Heisman race and Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel have been fantastic all year long. I don’t know who’s starting at quarterback for the Badgers, but the options aren’t pretty. If Wisconsin can hold onto the ball long enough, they might legitimately run the ball 50 times this game. Going into Camp Randall Stadium is never fun, but Barrett and this Buckeyes roster have plenty of experience in big games. Buckeyes by 23.

TJ: Wisconsin has really, really surprised me with how they played against Michigan, LSU and Michigan State. Ohio State is unreal and it is tough to pick against the Buckeyes. So I won’t. THE Ohio State University by 10.

Will: Ohio State is on such a hot streak at this point it’s tough to find a game to actually go against them on. On one hand, Wisconsin has the home field advantage in this prime time game, which does make a big difference. Urban Meyer seems to have his perfect team out there on the field, and JT Barrett is the best person to lead them. Will be a great game to watch and should be a back and forth one. Ohio State by 6.

Mikey: I really underestimated this Wisconsin team; they held their own against a much more talented Michigan team, and passed every other test they’re faced this far. While I like Ohio State, they aren’t nearly as battle tested at this point in the season, and in a hostile environment, I don’t know if they can pull it off. Badgers by a TD. Wisconsin by 7.

Kevin: The Badgers played Michigan great, but the Wolverines don’t have the same offensive weapons Ohio State has. Wisconsin doesn’t have the scoring power to stay with Ohio State for the whole game. If JT Barrett is at peak form, the Buckeyes shouldn’t have too much to worry about. Ohio State by 14. 

Colorado State v. #15 Boise State

Tyler: Is it a Boise State prediction if I don’t mention the blue field? How about I go on and mention that Colorado State is b-a-d at football? Broncos (sweet mascot, sweeter vehicle) by 27.

Gabe: Boise State by 20.

Sean: The blue field magic is back in full force this year. If Boise State runs the table, which they could very well do because the Mountain West isn’t great, they would make an interesting case for the CFP. I bet Colorado State misses Rashad Higgins right now. Broncos by 19.

TJ: Colorado State are balancing on mediocre within the Mountain West division, Boise State seems to own that division every year. I’m going with the Broncos by 30.

Will: Colorado State has been a pretty average team since Jim McElwain left to coach at Florida. Good for Boise State, who looks to remain undefeated after Saturday. Boise State by 20.

Mikey: BLUE TURF!!! Boise State by 17.

Kevin: Boise State all day, no questions asked. Broncos by 25. 

BONUS – Louisiana Tech v. UMass

Tyler: I’ve given UMass my picks the last few weeks. I’ve been nice. That’s done for a while. Louisiana Tech by 28.

Gabe: Louisiana Tech by 10.

Sean: Louisiana Tech has an offense I doubt the Minutemen will be able to stop. Bulldogs by 22.

TJ: I can’t pick against the Minutemen but if I were to ever do it I think this would be the game. If this game was at McGuirk and not Gillette Stadium, I’d maybe make the case for an upset. The only thing that could catch LA Tech off guard is the weather and if they can’t deal with the temperatures then maybe UMass could pull off the upset. First hopefully the Minutemen will make a decision at quarterback. UMass by 2.

Will: UMass has literally no shot but I can dream. UMass by 3.

Mikey: Why not? Minutemen by 7.

Kevin: Sorry TJ. Louisiana Tech by 24. 

BONUS – Stanford v. Notre Dame

Tyler: Christian McCaffrey’s status is in doubt after he was hurt in last week’s thrashing. He’s been kept under control over the last two weeks anyways, but this is Notre Dame’s defense we’re talking about. Sadness will ensue. Brian Kelly, expect a call from me again. Stanford by 10.

Gabe: Stanford by 14.

Sean: Both of these teams, along with LSU, has been the most disappointing to this stage of the season. Things may not get better for the Cardinal, as Christian McCaffrey may or may not play in this one. Without him, Stanford will be lucky to get 10 first downs. Stanford’s defense has been gashed the last two weeks, and that continues for this game against DeShone Kizer, who may be the best QB in the country (in terms of NFL potential). Irish by 6.

TJ: Christian McCaffrey or not, I will always be skeptical of this year’s Fighting Irish team. Coach Kelly from ND seems to be on the hot seat so I do think they will play better than they have been but I like Stanford Football and I almost never pick against the schools I root for. Stanford by 13.

Will: I have no faith in Notre Dame whatsoever. Stanford by 14.

Mikey: If these two teams didn’t suck right now, this weekend of college football would be even better. Instead, I had to pick a MAC game between Western Michigan and Akron. Lightning delay while the game is tied, and it stays that way. Screw it, tie.

Kevin: Supposing he plays, Christian McCaffrey is gonna light this defense up and I’m gonna love every second of it. Stanford by 17.


Cover photo from College Football News



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