NFL Week 6 Fantasy Preview (Bonus DFS Picks)


Russell Wilson against Falcons

Haven’t had Russell Wilson on this preview yet this season. I guess he’s been dealing with some injuries behind the scenes, but Wilson always seems to be a little dinged up. His season started out slow, though, making me believe his injuries may be more serious. He’s had fantastic performances the past two weeks against the 49ers and Jets. This production is what most expect from Wilson, so before it’s too late, I’m jumping onto the Russell Wilson bandwagon.

Aaron Rodgers against Cowboys

The Cowboys have been a respectable team in terms of defense so far this season. They’ve only given up 20 or more points twice this season, and won one of those games. Their defensive strengths lie mostly with defending the run. QBs have still been able to put up good numbers against them, despite not scoring much points. Aaron Rodgers playing at home is due for a huge game in terms of yards and TDs. He’s got all of his weapons this year, so there really isn’t an excuse for Rodgers to not put up typical numbers.


Marcus Mariota against Browns

Mariota has not been impressive. He has had 0 TDs in a single game twice this year, with a QBR as low as 3.6 against the Raiders. This pick is more of a gut pick and totally has to do with them playing the Browns. Mariota shouldn’t have a tough time spreading the ball around, especially to TE Delanie Walker, who will be featured later.


Lesean McCoy against 49ers

Shady has been a huge factor in the Bills recent surge in the AFC East. The Bills are riding a three game win streak, and in this win streak, McCoy has at least 100 yards from scrimmage in each of those games. What makes this impressive is that these performances have been against three top teams in terms of run defense: the Patriots, Cardinals, and Rams. The 49ers don’t present nearly as much of a challenge as these previous teams, so McCoy could put up some unreal numbers on Sunday.


Darren Sproles against Redskins

So did any one else not realize Sproles has been in the league for 12 years? I knew he’d been around, but 12 years as an RB is long term veteran right there. Sproles still brings something to the table as pass catcher, but I’m looking at him in the run game as well. The Redskins have been giving up big games to RBs this year, and Ryan Matthews could get that bulk, but Sproles will see the the most work in the pass game.


Antonio Brown against Dolphins

Very simple here. Antonio Brown is Antonio Brown. He’s at the top of his game and among WRs. The Dolphins will give Roethlisberger plenty of opportunities to target Brown in this game, making him an easy #1 at the WR position this week.

Brandon Marshall against Cardinals

The Jets have been nothing short of disappointing on both sides of the ball. The Decker injury only adds salt on the Jets’ current wounds. In terms of fantasy, this could make or break Marshall’s season. Marshall will have every opportunity to receive upwards of 15 targets a week now. The only thing that will hold back Marshall from being a fantasy monster is himself. Also, the Cardinals are a great matchup for Marshall this week. Look for Quincy Enunwa as well.


Jeremy Maclin against Raiders

The Chiefs have had streaky offensive performances to begin the season. Maclin is somewhat under the radar because of this. The Raiders are an easy opportunity to get plenty of targets, though, and with Maclin’s big play nature, that could result in some big points.


Delanie Walker against Browns

Walker has been the most consistent option in the pass game for Mariota and the Titans. They’ve played some tough defensive opponents early in this season, but when he’s faced an average to weak defense, he has thrived. The Browns are the worst of the worst in defending TEs, so I’m giving Walker the #1 TE honors for this week.

Jimmy Graham against Falcons

Graham is settling in nice this season for the Seahawks, after taking some time last year to get used to the new offense. Starting off slow with only 1 catch against the Dolphins in week 1, Graham has had back to back games with 100 receiving yards. Graham is key to Russell Wilson being successful because I don’t think Baldwin and Locket can carry the workload. Falcons and Seahawks should be a fun game to watch.


Staff Picks

TJ – Doug Baldwin against Falcons

The Seahawks have plenty of offense targets worthy to break out against the Falcons this Sunday but I am going to chose Doug Baldwin to have the most fantasy points out of all of the Seattle offensive options. It is no secret that Baldwin is Russell Wilson’s favorite redzone target and in a game that points won’t be at a premium, Baldwin should have himself a day. I predict 9 receptions for 162 yards and 2 TDs.

Tyler – Quincy Enunwa against Cardinals

I can’t say his last name, but I think I’ll probably be able to by the end of the season from hearing it so much. With the season-ending injury to Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall will begin to draw a lot more coverage than he already was. Enunwa has been nothing more than solid in a #3 wide receiver role for the Jets this year, but for them to make the playoffs, someone needs to step up and replace Decker’s production. I think Enunwa is that guy, even going against a tough-but-underperforming Arizona secondary.

Sean – Deandre Hopkins against Colts

Hopkins has been pretty much shut down for the last three weeks, with just 116 yards and one touchdown in his last three games. This weekend, however, he goes up against a Colts defense that is pretty piss poor, especially against the pass. Hopkins is on the verge of a breakout week, and with the Texans desperately needing a win in a wide-open AFC South, he should show up big. As Santana Moss said it, “Big time players step up in big games,”.

Gabe – Russell Wilson against Falcons

The Falcons have been one of the most surprising teams this year in the NFL but it hasn’t been due to their defensive prowess. They have allowed a lot of points this year, particularly to QB’s. Russell Wilson should be back to 100% after his injury early in the year and he seemed to have developed some chemistry with Jimmy Graham. Add in Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockette and now C.J. Spiller, the Seahawks have weapons and will get a chance to use them in the likely high scoring showdown on Sunday.


DFS Picks of the Week

Introducing a new section this week, the DFS picks of the week! In this new section, I’ll pick my favorite players of the week, applied to the daily fantasy format. They will be the most cost-efficient picks, and I will include the DraftKings and FanDuel price along with the picks. They may be already on my fantasy preview or are outside the realm of standard fantasy recognition. For any newbies, on DraftKings you get $50,000 to make a lineup and $60,000 on FanDuel, which accounts for the vast price differences.

Dak Prescott against Packers —       DraftKings:  5,900    FanDuel: 7,200

This a tournament play for me. Prescott has been playing lights out for the Cowboys, but he still is a rookie QB and it’s tough for any rookie QB to play on the road at Lambeau field. He hasn’t shown any significant drop off on the road so far this year, plus this should be a close throughout, hopefully a high scoring one. Prescott shouldn’t be high owned this week because there are a lot of good QB options, I’m always looking for low owned/ high risk-high reward players for tournaments. Prescott is just that.

Darren Sproles against Redskins — DraftKings: 4,400    FanDuel: 5,300

Sproles is a cheap option at RB and like Prescott, a strong tournament play this week. Read my previous Sproles installment for info on his matchup and recent production.

Jeremy Maclin against Raiders —     DraftKings: 6,300    FanDuel: 6,900

Maclin is the home run type player you want in your tournament lineup. I think the matchup is so good that I’d consider him in regular cash games like 50/50 or Double-Up. I love Maclin this week, get him in your lineup regardless of game type.


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