NFL Still Clueless, Burfict Expected To Walk

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict is a massive POS. This past Sunday, he thought it would be cool to take a dive towards Patriots’ tight end Martellus Bennett’s knees away from the play on the field. Also, he curb stomped LeGarrette Blount after he had already been tackled.

Bengals officials think Burfict will probably be fined for the 9th time instead of being suspended. He already began this season with a three game suspension for thugging around during last year’s AFC Wild Card game.

This is where the NFL blows my mind. They were willing to suspend Tom Brady for four games over footballs because it ‘affected the integrity of the game’. They’re willing to impose fines and in-game penalties on players for showing excitement and celebrating big plays because ‘it takes away from the integrity of the game’.

I’m sorry, but doesn’t cheap-shotting someone do that, too? I mean, look at the plays below.

Those look like accidents? Those look like plays that are within the rules of play, in between the white lines? Give me a break.

It’s reasons like this that I hope Roger Goodell gets hit by a train.

But this is who the Bengals are… they go ahead and employ their troubled players, they go on to not win playoff games (or in this case, probably not make the playoffs period because they suck), and they try to take out other guys as a result. It’s no skin off my nose – it’s why they’ll never win Super Bowls. It’s why they’ll never even make a Super Bowl. Marvin Lewis is a bad coach and he can’t control his guys, so it’s no surprise that eventually their thugs are going to be who everyone thinks they are: thugs.

It’s why the Bengals will always be a second-class, peasant franchise that will never enjoy a victory. Have fun with your 7-9 team this year, Cincinnati. Not that things will change, because you’re afraid to fire Marvin Lewis and you like to pay players straight out of The Longest Yard.


Cover photo from USA Today.

GIFs from CBS Sports, Steelers Depot.


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