NFL Week 7 Fantasy Preview


Andy Dalton against Browns

Haven’t seen much of Andy Dalton on the preview this season. For how high he can go as a fantasy performer, he can fall just as low. He’s the definition of streaky, but it’s tough to be streaky against the Browns. Despite losing trusty Marvin Jones in the offseason, AJ Green has picked up the slack along with Brandon LaFell. Tyler Eifert may be playing this week, so that could be huge for Dalton in the Red Zone.

Phillip Rivers against Falcons

Rivers is in the same boat as Dalton. He’s had to deal with plenty of injuries this year. Even though he has had no Keenan Allen and an aging Antonio Gates, he’s still had two games of 4 TDs. There will be plenty of points in this game, look for Matt Ryan as well in this one.


Demarco Murray against Colts

Real easy choice for top RB this week. Murray is one the top rushers in the NFL this year playing against one of the worst teams in terms of defense against RBs. He has the opportunity for a few receptions as well, making him a more than savory option in PPR.

Devonta Freeman against Chargers

Freeman is a beast and he could use a matchup that isn’t against the Seahawks or Broncos. The Chargers may be able to slow him down on the ground, but he can’t be covered in the pass game. Tevin Coleman is the only thing that makes me nervous because he has taken some Red Zone touches from him in the past. Coleman could also be a play if you feel the same way.


Odell Beckham Jr. against Rams

OBJ proved last week that he isn’t going to have a down season. With eight receptions and 222 yards and two TDs, OBJ absolutely torched the Ravens. I think he will continue this hot streak and he won’t have a tough time doing this against the Rams.

Amari Cooper against Jaguars

Cooper soon enough will be in the upper echelon of WRs like OBJ. The past two weeks he’s reached 100+ receiving yards including one TD. The Jaguars have been terrible against WRs and Amari gets more than enough targets from Derek Carr.


Rob Gronkowski against Steelers

Do I really need to say anything about Gronk?

Charles Clay against Dolphins

Clay started out slow, with only seven receptions in his first three games. In the past three, though, he’s had a total of 15 receptions. He’s starting to become a more consistent option for the Bills and this is good timing because the Dolphins are one of the weaker teams when it comes to defending against TEs.



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