NBA DFS Picks Wednesday 11/23



Isaiah Thomas against Nets —  DraftKings: $8,000    FanDuel: $8,200

It’s very simple here, Brooklyn is the worst in the league in guarding the PG position and Thomas absolutely lights up the Nets when he plays them. Thomas is one of the safest picks in the NBA, he hasn’t once gone under 30 fantasy points since the start of the season, so he’s got a high floor with around a 55+ point ceiling. If the game stays close, which has tended to be the case despite the Nets ineptitude, then Thomas is guaranteed to be solid play tonight.

Darren Collison against Thunder — DraftKings: $ 5,400      FanDuel: $6,100

I have a good feeling about this pick. The Thunder guard the Center position very well, so I don’t think Cousins will have a huge game. Collison has been in the starting lineup over Aaron Afflalo for a while now, and he’s shown promise with at least 20+ points in the past five games. If you don’t like Collison, then Lawson is a good option too at a cheap price of $4,000. Lawson is often the one with the ball in his hands, in my opinion Collison shows more promise and upside.


Demar Derozan against Rockets — DraftKings: $8,700     FanDuel: $9,400

Derozan has been a scoring machine this year for the Raptors, averaging 30.9 PPG on the season. He won’t stuff the stat sheet with assists or rebounds, yet tonight he may turn that around. This should be a fast paced game, considering the Rockets tendency to push the tempo. Patrick Beverly is a great defender, and if he’s covering Kyle Lowry all night, then that leaves Derozan with the ball in his hands even more. If Harden is covering Derozan tonight then he’s a no-brainer for me.

Klay Thompson against Lakers — DraftKings: $6,200       FanDuel: $6,000

Even with Klay playing the third wheel to KD and Curry, I don’t understand how his price is this low. In his last three games, he’s had 31+ points and seems to be forcing himself into this offense again. The last time the Warriors played the Lakers it was a real close game, making it a scoring frenzy. Hopefully it’ll be close again so Thompson stays in the whole game.


Andrew Wiggins against Pelicans — DraftKings: $6,800      FanDuel: $6,700

Wiggins is a gut pick here. There are plenty of solid options at the SF positon, KD, LBJ, and Leonard, but I’m thinking of other areas to spend my money. Wiggins is a solidly priced option with a ton of upside. He’s had a couple of bad games in a row and I’m gambling on that changing this game. Some pieces have to fall to make this happen, for instance Towns needs to get shut down by Davis, in essence enhancing Wiggins usage. Richardson is a cheaper option at the SF position, but if you want to take a chance, Wiggins is the guy. 

Josh Richardson against Pistons — DraftKings: $4,900      FanDuel: $4,300

Justise Winslow has been out the past couple games, opening up a spot in the starting lineup for Richardson. Dion Waiters is also questionable for the game tonight, which would open up even more opportunities for Richardson. Three of the four games Winslow has been out, Richardson has exceeded his value. Even if Waiters is in the lineup, I’m still putting Richardson in my lineup.


Paul Millsap against Pacers — DraftKings: $7,800    FanDuel: $7,800

In close games, much like Isaiah Thomas, Millsap consistently produces. That’s the key, though, Millsap needs to get 30+ minutes to maintain his value. In three of the past four games where he’s gotten 30+ minutes, Millsap has 41+ fantasy points. I’m hoping Paul George plays in this game, otherwise the chances of this game being close is slim. If George plays, Millsap is an automatic play for me.

Julius Randle agains Warriors — DraftKings: $6,900      FanDuel: $6,500

The Warriors are in the top 10 worst defenses against PFs. On top of that, the Lakers showed a swagger when they beat the Warriors earlier in the year. I trust the Lakers to be competitive against the Warriors, especially Randle. When the Lakers last played the Warriors, Randle had a then season-high 43.5 fantasy points. Randle is apparently dealing with an injury, so I’d keep an eye on that before game time.


Marc Gasol against 76ers — DraftKings: $7,000     FanDuel: $6,800 

The 76ers are the second worst in the league in defending the Center position. The Grizzlies have faced numerous injuries, leaving Gasol and Conley to carry a lot of the load for the starting lineup. Gasol shown flashes of triple-double potential, and if there was any team to do it against, the 76ers are his best chance. In terms of usage and the opponent, Gasol is an awesome option tonight.

Brook Lopez against Celtics — DraftKings: $6,700     FanDuel: $7,300

Lopez has been on fire lately. In the past six games, he hasn’t scored less than 31 fantasy points, even having a 55.5 fantasy points night. As a Celtics fan, I know all too well the woes we face in defending big men. On Monday, we got torn up by Dieng and Towns, and in terms of talent, Lopez in somewhere in the middle of those two. Lopez is by far the best player in the Nets starting lineup, and I don’t see his hot streak stopping against the Celtics.




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