Draymond Green Is The Most Insufferable Athlete In Sports

Draymond Green has made a name for talking a big game while having one of the most versatile games in the NBA. But now, it seems he’s getting in the news more for his antics online and off the court, instead of his play on it.

At this point, it’s pretty clear Draymond is upset over the Kevin Durant signing and just wants to hear about himself rather than how good of an actual team they have assembled. When your team is off to a 15-2 start, you probably should have the mental makeup to not make every statement you make a talking point for journalists and bloggers.

In the last two weeks alone, Green has called out both Celtics fans and the entire Milwaukee Bucks organization.

When the team traveled to Boston two Fridays ago, a 104-88 win for the Warriors, Green called out the fanbase for booing Kevin Durant during the game, saying it would “scare free agents away”. Sorry the rest of the league wants the game to be competitive. Also, Boston was probably Durant’s second choice behind the Warriors, so why wouldn’t they be mad? Durant took the easy way out, and in a blue-collar city like Boston, that doesn’t fly well with fans.

In Milwaukee, with the game on the line, the Bucks tried to inbound the ball to Giannis Antetokounmpo, but Green made an outstanding defensive play to knock the ball away. Instead of just keeping his head up high and talking about how much of a hard fought win it was for his club, Green made it all about himself.

Clearly not understanding that Antetokounmpo is the Bucks’ best player by far, Green was upset that the ball even went to “The Greek Freak”. He thought it was “disrespectful” to his defense, something that I can understand to a certain point. But who exactly would you rather them give the ball to? Jabari Parker, who was being covered by Durant? Matthew Dellavedova? That’s cute. Antetokounmpo is having himself an MVP caliber season to this point, and has a three or four inch height advantage on Green, so there wasn’t really a decision to be made as to where the play was going in that situation.

And earlier today, on the Twitter, Green foolishly called out Adam Schefter for being completely right about a situation in last night’s Sunday Night Football game, where a Denver Broncos player could have taken a knee and sealed the game instead of scoring. Instead, the Chiefs came back down the field and scored a game tying touchdown and later won in overtime. First off, stick to your sport. You don’t play football, and I don’t know if you ever have. Secondly, if you’re going to come at anyone, make sure it IS NOT ADAM SCHEFTER. He’s a walking football almanac and you think you can just undermine him by calling him out for not playing the sport. He knows the sport more than you ever will, so just stick to your lane and keep your mouth shut, which is tough because you’re a mouth breather and can’t do it even when you’re not talking.

Also, knowing the 34 players drafted ahead of you and knowing who picked them is something J.J. Watt wouldn’t even do (even though he would only have to remember 10 names). Get over it. Only 60 players get drafted every year out of thousands of potential candidates, and you’re upset that you weren’t picked #1. I respect that you play with a chip on shoulder because of your draft spot. Isaiah Thomas, DeAndre Jordan and countless other late and second round picks do. Hell, even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan did. But you don’t see those guys envying the players picked before them because they aren’t mentally soft like you are.

But these three recent hiccups are hardly the tip of the iceberg. Do I even have to mention the Snapchat incident? Or the misdemeanor assault and battery charge after you beat up a former Michigan State football player? Everybody already knows about the Steven Adams incident in the Western Conference Finals. Not to mention the LeBron James incident, which was probably the biggest factor to your Warriors blowing a 3-1 series lead.

It’s understandable to be frustrated when you’re an All-Star but the fourth best player on your team. The numbers for Draymond have slipped all across the board, which was to be expected. But even with another option making the floor more open, Green’s shooting percentages have also slipped.

With his team rolling and winning 11 straight, with seemingly no chemistry issues, Green is doing his best to ruin everything for this team of destiny.


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