Message To Jerry Jones – Shut Up

The Dallas Cowboys have been absolutely untouchable by the NFL all season long, except for two games against the Giants. Their high-powered offense has been their bread and butter, leading them to a league-high 13 wins.

The ‘Boys are blessed with the NFL’s most high-profile owner too, in Jerry Jones. The man has been around longer than the sport, and the man has won before. I respect Jerry Jones a lot – his confidence is truly something else. However, it’s 2016, and the days of loud-mouthed owners (a la the late Al Davis) should be over. But not in Dallas, it’s not.

NFL fans everywhere are still debating whether longtime quarterback Tony Romo should be taking snaps to get ready for the playoffs. In a blowout win yesterday against the flailing Detroit Lions, fans were chanting “we want Romo”. After Dak Prescott and the Cowboys lost to the Giants for a second time a few weeks back, debate intensified about whether Romo should be playing down the stretch.

For the record, I love Tony Romo. As bad as his reputation for being clutch is, there aren’t many quarterbacks I’d rather have than him, when he’s totally healthy. That’s besides the point though. There’s no way I should be writing about my opinion for a “quarterback controversy” for the top-seeded team as the last week of the season approaches. It isn’t the first time we’ve heard this debate, but to me, this is the last straw.

The issue is Jerry Jones. I understand that he is the Cowboys’ GM. I understand that, in many ways, he is their franchise. But the man needs to just shut his mouth, leave the decisions that take place on the field to Jason Garrett, and not stroke this debate like he has since Romo went down.

It was a damn shame for Romo to get hurt, but it happened. That’s football. Prescott came in and played as well as any rookie quarterback in the history of the game. It’s time for the franchise to take the next step forward.

Since Jerry simply loves to see his name at the bottom line on ESPN, this won’t happen. But it should, because consistently answering questions about a truly non-existent quarterback controversy is distracting for the rest of the team. It’s distracting to Garrett. It’s distracting to Prescott.

I know that controversy is his forte, but I’d like to remind Jones that he’s won one Super Bowl in my 21-year lifetime (and I was too young to even remember it). Maybe, if you have a drought lasting that long, you should let your football guys do their jobs.


Cover photo courtesy of Jani-Image


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