Why the Browns Need to Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

Recently, Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson made a comment stating that if the Browns went 1-15 again next season, they would be “swimming in a lake.” In order for that not too happen, they are going to need to improve significantly at the quarterback position. The organization clearly does not believe Cody Kessler has the long-term potential to be the face of the franchise, and the RGIII reclamation project was, to be blunt, a disaster. Thus, there are three ways to find a new face of the franchise: free agency, the draft, or a trade.

Unfortunately, the first two options aren’t so hot. Kirk Cousins is the only free agent resembling a franchise QB, and the odds of him leaving Washington are slimmer than left-wing citizens suddenly accepting Trump as their next president. The draft poses slightly more reason for hope, but not enough to help them out in the short-term. The Browns currently are slated to have two first-round selections at Nos. 1 and 12. At number one, they could take a flier on UNC QB Mitch Trubisky, whom many view as the potential next big thing. Still, there are so many red flags with him, with the most notable being his minimal experience at the college level (he only started for one year), and the fact that Cleveland would have to pass on this years can’t miss prospect in Texas A&M edge rusher Myles Garrett. At no. 12, the Browns could have other options in Notre Dame’s Deshone Kizer and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson; however, Kizer needs a long time to develop the necessary tools to be elite in the NFL, while Watson has enough question marks to make one doubt whether he can help them improve enough in both the short- and long-term.

That leaves trade as the best remaining scenario, and fortunately for them, there is the perfect man for the job available in Patriots’ backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s been under the tutelage of offensive guru Josh McDaniels and legendary quarterback Tom Brady for three years now, and he was the highest quarterback ever selected by the best coach in the history of the game, Bill Belichick. In a game-and-a-half this season (not including garbage time appearances after Brady returned from suspension), Garoppolo played fairly well against a decent Cardinals defense and flat-out destroyed the Dolphins before leaving with shoulder injury. He’s got all of the tools necessary to be the football savior Browns fans have been waiting for, and the asking price isn’t too high, as New England is seeking and first- and fourth-rounder for him (the same thing Philadelphia got for veteran gunslinger Sam Bradford).

Jimmy G makes sense for Cleveland on almost too many levels. Due to the trade with the Eagles in last year’s draft, they are now in possession of that extra first-rounder (12th overall) that would allow them to keep the top pick and still acquire the talented QB. Plus, the value he provides them goes beyond what they could draft at that spot. Not only is he a better option than any of the candidates in the draft, but the acquisition of him would permit the organization’s front office to zone-in on Myles Garrett as the top choice. Getting Garrett and Garoppolo in one offseason gives off a similar feeling to when Oakland drafted Khalil Mack and Derek Carr together back in 2014; outside of Carr’s recently-broken fibula, things seem to be working out extremely well for the Raiders.

The Browns organization needs a spark to really ignite its rebuild and put them in position to begin having success relatively soon. Acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo is just the move that can jumpstart that process.

Cover Photo via Fansided


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