Super Bowl LI Recap

It’s official… Tom Brady is the greatest human to ever walk this earth and the Patriots are the best team ever. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Roger Goodell has been stuffed into a body bag and sent to the morgue. Following last night’s win, they have now won 5 Super Bowls since 2000, but before I get into all the praise, I have to talk about the game.

We came out in the first half and looked horrific. The offensive line was getting bull rushed and giving Brady no time, Blount was indecisive picking his running lanes, receivers dropped passes, and Tom was a little erratic with his throws. The defense didn’t play too great to start off either, allowing Atlanta to put 21 points up in the first half. They looked slow and couldn’t bring anyone down settling for arm tackles. The Falcons were ready to crush the hopes and dreams of every family in Massachusetts, but following what I thought was a subpar halftime show, everything changed.

Down 28-3 after failing to find points on their first drive of the half, Brady turned into psycho Tom and started to orchestrate the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. He also had the help of a little angel we call James White. Brady and White connected in the third quarter for the Patriots’ first TD of the game. When the fourth quarter came around, the Patriots exploded offensively. It started off with Brady tossing for his second TD, this time to Amendola. Down 28-20 The Patriots then executed a 91 yard drive that almost gave me a heart attack at only 20 years old. The drive was highlighted by Edelman’s insane acrobatic catch that saved the Patriots from a possible second pick, one that would have most likely ended the game. Following the score, Brady connected with Amendola again on the 2-pt conversion to tie it up and force overtime.

Once overtime came it was all business. Brady and the Patriots started with the ball and didn’t even give the Falcons a chance. They went 75 yards in eight plays when James White capped it off with a 2 yard score to win Super Bowl 51.

Now sitting at 5-2 in the Super Bowl, Brady has more appearances and wins than any other quarterback in NFL history, and the same can be said for Bill Belichick. They’ve controlled the league for 15 years now and there’s no sign of slowing down. Super Bowl 52, here we come.

Cover Photo via Kion 6


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