N2K’s All-Time College Basketball Bracket Challenge: The Championship

The day has come, the All-Time Bracket Championship is here and the final two teams are the 2015 Kentucky Wildcats and the 1992 Duke Blue Devils. Both teams are well-rounded and deep but Duke relies on more of a star in the form of Christian Laettner while Kentucky can have any player on any given night lead them to victory. Coach Cal vs Coack K, Laettner vs Towns, Good vs Evil, however you want to spin it, it should end up being a great matchup. Now onto the results!

2015 Kentucky vs 1992 Duke

The end of our All-Time Bracket is here, and we couldn’t have asked for a better matchup to our Bracket Challenge. The main positional matchup to be on the lookout for is the faceoff at center, Christian Laettner and Karl-Anthony Towns could very well tilt the outcome of this game depending on which one can get the best of the other. Karl-Anthony Towns did a great job containing Christian Laettner who only was able to get 15 points and 8 rebounds. Towns was only able to get 11 points and 7 rebounds himself but his contribution was mostly noticed by the containment of Laettner. Not including the center matchup, the rest of the Blue Devil starters outscored their counterparts by a score of 58-41. The Kentucky Wildcats bench was able to make up a little bit for the lackluster offensive night from the starters. Overall, this championship game was extremely close throughout and the largest lead of the game was Kentucky with just a 9-point lead. As the end of the game grew near, the game was tied at 78 with less than ten seconds left and Kentucky basketball. Andrew Harrison brought the ball up the court but Bobby Hurley peeled Harrison for a steal and the Blue Devils ran the fastbreak with less than 6 seconds left. Hurley drove to the basket but kicked to center Christian Laettner for a mid-range jumper that was good! The Blue Devils took the lead 80-78 as time expired and the 1992 Duke Blue Devils capture the first All-Time Bracket Simulation crown.

Championship Duke Kentucky.png

That’s all she wrote, what did you think of the All-Time Bracket? How did you bracket do? Did you enjoy this simulation series and you like to see something similar in the future? If you have any thoughts, reach out to us in the comments below, on Twitter @N2KSports or on Facebook at N2K Sports. We hope you enjoyed this All-Time Bracket series!

Championship Results.png

Cover Photo via WSB Radio


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