Does Quinton Flowers Have a Legitimate Shot at the Heisman?

Louisville’s Lamar Jackson took home the coveted Heisman honors last season and USF’s quarterback Quinton Flowers (below) has a very similar playstyle to the reigning winner. Flowers is looking to build on an already impressive 2016 season by taking home some major hardware. Here, we will make the case for Quinton Flowers to win the Heisman Trophy.


The Rest of the NCAA Has to Have a Down Year

Now when I say down year, I mean that there cannot be a clear cut front runner like there has been in years past. If Lamar Jackson one-ups his 2016 campaign there will not only be no shot for Flowers, but for the rest of the NCAA. There has not been a non-Power Five School Heisman winner in 27 years. Not since BYU’s Ty Detmer (below) brought home the honor in 1990.


Flowers Will Need to Have Career Passing and Rushing Numbers

It is no secret that the voters will not favor a small conference winner due to their competition level but numbers never lie. At the end of the day it will be extremely hard to argue against Flower’s case if he improves on his 2016 season with video game numbers. His 2016 season was not too shabby as Flowers had as many rushing TDs and more rushing yards than 2017 Heisman favorite Penn State Nittany Lion Saquon Barkley.

USF Will Need to Find Some TV Time

This one is tough because it is out of Flowers’s control but highlights can go viral in the drop of a hat. If Quinton has a residency on SportsCenter’s Top Ten than his exposure will be just fine.


Big Games Against Houston, Tulsa and UCF Will Need to be Convincing

Luckily for Flowers, his last three games of the season are against strong competition. If Flowers can pull off blowout wins and bigtime performance in the final weeks especially against strong AAC competition than he will have plead his case to the best of his ability… both literally and metaphorically.

The cards are stacked against Quinton Flowers but he is still flat-out talented. I would say Flowers gives the non-Power Five Schools the best chance to capture the Heisman in recent memory. Regardless of what you think about Flowers’s chances at the Heisman, he is going to be exciting to watch this season.


Cover Photo via Coach and Player Magazine

Article Photos via KSL and Sports Talk Florida

GIF via Steelers Depot


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