FBS Independents Week 3 Thoughts

For the most part, the four FBS Independents are looking at more talent than they’ve each respectively seen since the start of the season. These are my thoughts.



UMass (0-3) v. Temple (1-1)

The Minutemen have yet to lose by more than 10 points, so they’ve played everyone close. As nice as this may be, Temple is simply better than each of the teams they’ve played to this point. While Andrew Ford has looked good thus far this season, the Owls typically give up around 220 rushing yards per game. I’ve said it a few times, so I’ll say it a bit louder so maybe Coach Whipple hears me: GIVE. MARQUIS. YOUNG. THE. BALL. You can stream this game on WatchESPN tonight at 7 pm.



# 10 Wisconsin (2-0) v. BYU (1-2)

BYU’s offense has sucked this year. There’s no two-ways about it. They need to get guys like Squally Canada, an upperclassman only has a bit over 100 yards on the season, going in order to jump start this offense. It helps that they’re at home, but against one of the best defenses in the country (never mind the Big 10), I’m not exactly holding my breath. It’s looking like it’ll be a loooooooooong season for BYU. You can watch this game on ABC tomorrow at 3:30.


Notre Dame (1-1) v. Boston College (1-1)

Notre Dame is coming off of a loss in which they were held to 19 points against an SEC defense. BC has been notorious the past few seasons for their formidable defense, but they’re not on the same, elite level thus far, giving up 27 points per game. While the Irish offense has been solid so far, I think the Irish defense will be able to pull this game out, as BC only averages close to 320 yards of total offense. You can watch this game tomorrow on ESPN at 3:30.


Army (2-0) v. #8 Ohio State (1-1)

Ohio State is pissed. They’re lower in the rankings than they have been since 2014, they put some serious pressure on themselves for the rest of the season, and they may or may not have a quarterback controversy on their hands. But they’re still at home, and they’re still in the playoff conversation as long as they can win the Big 10. Army has a formidable running attack as everyone knows, but that’s Ohio State’s bread and butter defensively. I wouldn’t want to play Urban Meyer after last week’s loss. You can watch this game on FOX tomorrow at 4:30.


Cover photo from Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Other images from Philly.com, YouTube, Notre Dame Club of Chicago, and Team Schretzman, in a particular order.


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