Top Heisman Candidates Week 4

Week Three is now in the books and Heisman Trophy rankings have been updated. With a impressive slate of games there was quite a bit of movement thanks to both good and bad performances. As the season draws closer to the midway point the top candidates are starting to separate themselves, but play cannot dip if they hope to have a shot at the Heisman

Oregon+v+Oregon+State+jnM93GS2teMx5. Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon: Royce Freeman has been the best back in the country and the Ducks new coach can’t get enough of him. Everything in Oregon’s offense flows through Freeman, who has now rushed for at least 150 yards in all of the Ducks’ games so far. Freeman also has over 100 receiving yards so far and is a legitimate threat as a pass catcher. If he and Oregon keep rolling, expect to see him in New York as a finalist.

wrcxmexlmaoi9hv3ywuq4. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville: Jackson is probably the most exciting player to watch in college football and what he’s done so far is ridiculous. His loss against Clemson, however, has knocked him down in the rankings. Clemson was the better team and Jackson didn’t play bad, it’s just that he wasn’t very impressive. I expect him to fully bounce back this week when they take on Kent State.


3. Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State: Mason Rudolph has been absolutely phenomenal through three games so far. He has over 1,100 passing yards, 11 touchdowns and only one interception, plus a rushing TD to add onto his total. Rudolph has turned the Cowboy’s offense into a top-five passing attack, and with a game against TCU coming up this Saturday, his numbers should take another massive boost. He could easily have the best game of all candidates this week.

gq-josh-rosen2. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA: A bad loss to Memphis hurts, but the Rosen One stays steady at two. The loss hurts but he’s now 1,283 passing yards, 13 passing touchdows and one rushing TD, and only two interceptions. The Bruins need a big bounce back win against Stanford and they need Rosen playing at top performance to do it. This will be a big week for him as both a draft prospect and Heisman candidate.

3409755-980x1.Baker Mayfield, QB, OU: Mayfield has 1,046 passing yards, 10 passing TD’s, and no interceptions. He’s also 3-0 with a huge win against Ohio State and 77% completion rate. Mayfield is the best player on the best team on this list and as long he keeps blowing teams out and has Oklahoma rolling he’ll be the top Heisman candidate.


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