Top Heisman Candidates Week 5

maxresdefault5. Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State is coming off a loss to TCU and Rudolph threw 2 picks in this game but he is still in the Heisman conversation. Mason has over 1,500 yards and 13 TD’s and has thrown for over 300 yards each game this season. Oklahoma State’s offense isn’t going to slow down anytime soon and Rudolph will continue to put up huge numbers keeping him in the hunt. With a game coming up against Texas Tech Rudolph could move himself up the rankings.

c43f4481afb14cdaaea573e9d00cdcc3-c43f4481afb14cdaaea573e9d00cdcc3-04. Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville: Jackson bounced back from a loss to Clemson with a blowout win against Kent State. He threw for 299 yards and 2 TD’s while adding another one rushing. Jackson is the toughest player to contain in college football and his prowess as both a runner and passer put him in Heisman contention. If he wants to repeat though, he’s going to need a big win this season, so look out for his game against Florida State on October 21st

image.jpg3. Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA: It was another tough loss for The Rosen One, who went 40/60 with 480 yards, 3 TD’s and 2 picks. Rosen is the most talented quarterback in college and must do everything for his team. It leads to huge numbers and a lot of elite film on him but it doesn’t translate to wins which is still a big part of the Heisman race. Rosen will stay in contention all year long and if the Bruins don’t suffer any major losses he has a great shot


 2. Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State: After 3 straight weeks of a light workload and easy wins, Penn State unleashed Barkley and he went for over 300 total yards and a TD. He averaged 7.5 yards per carry and 7.8 yards per reception. Barkley is the top RB in the country and has remained a Heisman candidate despite having under 15 carries each before this week. Now that Penn State has started conference play and will rely on their star back the sky’s the limit for Barkley. Don’t be surprised if he quickly becomes the new favorite for Heisman.

maxresdefault1. Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma: It was was a close one for Oklahoma this week beating Baylor 49-41. Mayfield was extremely efficient and impressive in the win going 13/19 for 283 yards and 3 TD’s. Oklahoma had an extremely effective rushing attack against Baylor but Mayfield still managed to shine and maitain his spot as the top Heisman Candidate. As the wins keep coming for Oklahoma Mayfield will have an easy time holding this top spot.


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