Which Undefeated American Team Will Fall First?

Going into Week Six of American action, three teams remain undefeated and atop the conference rankings. Those three teams are the South Florida Bulls, the Central Florida Knights and the Navy Midshipmen. While the Bulls and Knights find themselves ranked at 18th and 25th respectively, the Midshipmen are still a few weeks away from being considered. In this article we will break down the three undefeated teams and which upcoming game on their schedule could end their undefeated run.



Many seem to think that the Bulls have it easy for the rest of the season and I tend to agree. Quarterback Quinton Flowers (above) has been playing great football and is a huge reason as to why the Bulls have been as successful as they have been. The only game I see on the horizon that could be their matchup against the Houston Cougars on October 28th. The thing that makes Houston such a difficult football team to play against is their defense, only giving up 14.8 points per game on average. If Flowers and the USF offense can’t consistently keep the ball moving against the Cougar defense their unblemished record could stall with it.



The Knights of Central Florida are a really good football but their upcoming schedule puts them in a lot of close games. Coming up the Knights will face the Midshipmen on October 21st and SMU on November 4th, if UCF can get past both of those teams then they have to face South Florida to close out the season. Personally, I think there is no chance the Knights can run the table especially considering the impending season finale against South Florida. McKenzie Milton (above) is not a bad quarterback option but he will not be able to outperform Flowers when it comes down to it.



As much as it pains me to write this, there is frankly no chance that Navy can run the table and go undefeated. Their mobile quarterback Zach Abey (above) has played fantastic but his throwing ability is subpar and he will need much more than that to compete with some of the teams Navy has to face to close the season. After this week’s game with Air Force (which should be a win) they will go on to face Memphis, UCF, Temple, SMU, Notre Dame, Houston and then Army which might just be one of the most difficult and tiring gauntlets in all of College Football this season. I would love to see them pull it off but all signs lead to the contrary.

All signs point to the Navy Midshipmen being the first undefeated domino to fall, to put it simply their schedule to close out the season is just too difficult. While UCF does not have a challenge for a few weeks and USF seems to be sitting pretty for a while as well.


Cover Photo via USA Today

Article Photos via USA Today, Capital Gazette and Orlando Sentinel


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