AAC Spotlight Matchup: Memphis at Houston

Another week of American Conference action give us yet another premier AAC matchup. Last week it was Memphis and Navy, this week it is Memphis and Houston. After Memphis got the victory last week against Navy in front of a home crowd they find themselves deservedly ranked at 25th. Houston however got manhandled by Tulsa and will do whatever it takes to avoid a two game losing streak that could easily turn into three after their game against USF next week. I have the answers for both of these teams on how to come out of this game with the win, so here are my keys to the game.

Keys for the Memphis Tigers

  • Send The Blitz – Pressure QB and HB. Houston QB Kyle Postma (below) and RB Duke Catalon are independent of one another. Meaning that it might only take one of them for Houston to win. Blitzing earlier and often will limit their effectiveness and force the Houston defense to contain the Memphis offense. And we all know that the Memphis offense can only be contained for so long.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Launch The Deep Ball. You’ve got one of the nation’s best passers in Riley Ferguson (pictured), so use him to his potential. Houston has been vulnerable to deep passes so let it ride. After Houston’s embarrassing loss last week to Tulsa, a quick start will end this game much, much earlier than expected.
  • Run The Football. Not all the time but keep the Cougar defense honest. We all know that this game will be won or lost by quarterback Riley Ferguson but what better way to open up the passing game by having an effective running game.


Keys for the Houston Cougars

  • Don’t Give Riley Ferguson Time – He Will Shred You. This is basically a key for any good quarterback but especially for Riley Ferguson. If Ferguson feels he consistently does not have the time it will shown in his throws and reads. Keep Ferguson looking around the next corner and it will lead to a lot of three and outs for Memphis.
  • Secure The Ball. Navy lost to Memphis last week because they turned the ball over FIVE times. Houston needs to keep two hands on the football because the Tigers will be digging for it, especially in the red zone. Mainly, make Memphis beat you… don’t beat yourselves.
  • Forget About Tulsa. Last weeks game was tough to watch for sure but for Houston, they need to have a short memory because they can beat Memphis but won’t if last week’s loss is still on their mind.

This matchup is going to be an exciting one for sure, and one with major American Conference Championship implications. Both of these teams can’t afford to lose many more in-conference games if they want the opportunity to play for the AAC Championship weeks down the road.


Cover Letter via Go Tigers Go

Article Photo via Houston Chronicle


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