Can Cal Stop the Khalil Tate Show? A Week 8 PAC-12 Preview

With seven weeks in the book for college football, things are starting to get interesting in the PAC-12. No one has an undefeated conference record after both Washington and Washington State fell last week. After slow starts to the season, Stanford and Arizona now have two of the best rushing offenses in the country and have put themselves back in contention for the PAC-12 Championship. With both Stanford and Washington having the week off, no one can take the top spot in the PAC-12 North, but the South could be full of action and movement.


The first game of the weekend is Arizona State vs. Utah. The Sun Devils are coming off a huge win where they took down Washington and held that offense to just 7 points. Washington couldn’t get anything going, and Arizona State played their best defense all year. On the other hand, Utah is coming off a heartbreaking one point loss to USC that’s put them at 1-2 in the conference. They have played far more consistently on the season however and their offense can put up points. Last week was an outlier for Arizona State’s defense, they’ll keep it close but expect Utah to take this one.

Second game is UCLA vs Oregon, two teams that only have one win in the conference. UCLA’s defense is the funniest joke of the year, while Oregon has been all over the pace in Willie Taggart’s first season coaching the Ducks. Recently Oregon’s defense has been run all over, but surprisingly, the secondary has held up decently. If that trend continues then they could outlast UCLA but I see Rosen bouncing back from an ugly game and lighting up the scoreboard.

Arguably the biggest game of the week, USC will be traveling to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. I can’t stand Notre Dame, I hate them more than any other team college. For that reason, I will this one time predict that Sam Darnold plays like he has first round talent and hangs up 56 on Brian Kelly.

usa_today_10347966.0Next up is the Arizona vs Cal game. Cal is coming off a massive win where they embarrassed Washington State and took Luke Falk out of the Heisman Race. Arizona has played their two best games the past weeks and with Khalil Tate now the full time starter their offense can’t be stopped. Arizona is gonna let Cal score but a shoot out might work in their favor. Tate wears down defenders by breaking off long runs that get people chasing. If he can perform like he has the past two weeks then this is Arizona’s game.

The last game of the week is Colorado vs Washington State. Colorado is last in the PAC-12 south and has a terrible defense. Washington State and star QB should be able to bounce and win this game easily.


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