Best Worst Game Of The Week: Colorado State v. Wyoming

Last week, I was proven right yet again (to no surprise), as Missouri annihilated UConn by 40 points.

I swore I was going to try to avoid repeating teams when we decided to start this series at the beginning of the season. But at Week 10, I’m running out of questionable teams that are available on TV.

My first choice this week was 0-8 Baylor visiting 1-7 Kansas. But, that game isn’t on TV. Also, it’s probably just the Worst Worst Game Of The Week.

Taking television into account, I’m moving to the Mountain West conference, in a clash of two of the top dogs. I’m talking about Colorado State (6-3) v. Wyoming (5-3).

Colorado State lost their last game, against Air Force. It was the Rams’ first loss in over a month, as they’ve been absolutely rolling. CSU has played three teams from Power 5 conferences, going 1-2 (beating Oregon State, losing to Colorado and Alabama). Since losing to the Tide in mid-September, they’ve averaged a hair under 39 points per game.

Despite the hype that Josh Allen of Wyoming receives (more on him later), it’s been Colorado State’s Nick Stevens that has been the best quarterback of the Mountain West this season. Stevens has completed 62% of his passes for 2,755 yards, 22 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. His favorite target, Michael Gallup, has hauled in 6 of those touchdown passes. Defensively speaking, the Rams cede 426 yards and 27 points per game.


As I said earlier, Josh Allen (above) has received some attention as a possible first round pick at the quarterback position in this year’s NFL Draft. Now, I can’t lie, I haven’t seen a lot of film on him, so I’m going purely off of statistics, which isn’t always totally truthful when talking about a prospect. But with 12 touchdowns and 6 picks on the season, completing 56% of his passes. He’s definitely not Josh Rosen, or even Sam Darnold, but I’m not sold on Allen in terms of just pure numbers.

He’s been behind the wheel of an offense that has been extremely streaky, at 25 points per game. In fact, he’s really the x-factor, as the Cowboys just don’t run the ball a lot, at 97 yards per game. Their calling card is their defense – they hold opponents to less than 20 points per game, and hold opponents to about 320 yards per game. They’ve forced an FBS-leading, 24 turnovers (10 fumbles, 14 picks), which is just totally absurd. Specifically, they’ve been really good against the pass (160 yards per game).

You can catch this game on Saturday at 7 pm. It’ll be on CBS Sports. I’ve heard Wyoming is a gorgeous state, and for $41, you can watch this game live.

Colorado State is favored by 3 in this game, but I’m going with the underdog. Unless Allen is planning on staying put in Wyoming, he’s a legitimate prospect that needs to do well in the home stretch to grab the attention of NFL scouts. Despite underperforming so far this season, I can see him coming to play against the conference’s best QB. Furthermore, I think Stevens might have issues with the Cowboys D.

Give me the Cowboys by 7.


Cover photo from BSN Denver.

Other media from HERO Sports.


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